About Us

Attorney Bonita Preuett-Armour established Armour Law Firm, LLC in 2002, after years spent working as an associate and partner at other respected Louisiana law firms. Armour Law Firm concentrates its practice in the areas of insurance defense, personal injury and wrongful death, business litigation, products liability, governmental liability and subrogation. With a collective eighty-nine years’ experience, the firm has represented individuals, businesses, political subdivisions and nationally-known insurance companies and their insureds.

Over Armour Law Firm's history, our team has grown from three employees to thirteen attorneys and staff. The firm cultivates a true team environment. Attorneys, paralegals, and administrative staff work collaboratively with each member of our firm bringing their unique skills and strengths to the table for the good of our clients. This atmosphere of unity, mutual respect and support not only makes the firm an enjoyable work environment, but a place that is focused on serving clients.

Victims of automobile accidents and other personal injuries need guidance as they face new challenges of daily living with an injury. We assist our personal injury clients as they navigate the road to a physical recovery and get the compensation that they deserve. Our collective experience in representing injured parties and insurance companies allows us to anticipate the problems and avoid the pitfalls of a personal injury claim in order to maximize the results. Along the way, we make a point of being available and responsive to client questions and needs.

Insureds of the insurance companies that we represent are terrified of what will happen after being served with a lawsuit. We help them to understand two things: we have the skill and experience to serve their needs and they can honestly and openly speak with us. We are here to guide them through the difficult and stressful experience of being named as a defendant in a lawsuit, to explain what is happening and what will happen next, and to advocate on their behalf. We put all our experience and effort to work to protect and reassure them and guide them through each stage of the litigation.

Ethics, Experience, and Empathy

Armour Law Firm is committed to providing our clients with skilled legal representation. We are respected by colleagues and courts for our legal acumen, but to us, skill and experience alone are not enough. We take pride in operating according to a strict code of ethics. We want not only to successfully protect and advocate for our clients' interests, but to do so honestly, honorably, professionally, and fairly.

We also remain mindful that, at its core, all of the work we do is for people. Armour Law Firm is comprised of legal professionals, and we believe that professionalism should go hand-in-hand with personal attention and service. While the results of our work are important to us, their importance has less to do with winning than with what that victory means for the lives of our clients: peace of mind and security.

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