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Jackie Johnson

Fax: (318) 442-4719

Paralegal Jackie Johnson has been with Armour Law Firm since 2006, prior to which she worked for the State of Louisiana in the Worker's Compensation System for more than twenty-five years. Her responsibilities at the firm include serving as a paralegal for the uninsured claim files, setting up and maintaining collection files and handling all collection accounts for the firm.

Jackie enjoys the satisfaction of being part of an efficient, successful team, but also the challenge of resolving the various issues that regularly arise in the firm's practice areas. Legal work relating to governmental insurance coverage requirements carries the potential for red tape, but Jackie takes pride in helping manage files so that unnecessary delays and complications are avoided, and client needs are promptly met.

Colleagues and clients describe Jackie as trustworthy, dependable, dedicated, and a team player. With her many years of experience and attention to detail, she is often able to spot creative solutions to potential issues, and she is willing to do whatever is necessary to get a job done right.

Outside of work, Jackie enjoys nothing more than spending time with her children and grandchildren and says she considers raising her family her greatest accomplishment.

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